Anouk Van Offenwert (°1997, Antwerp, BE) lives and works in Antwerp.

She obtained a Master’s degree in painting from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2021. In 2019, she studied at UCM (ES). In 2020, she participated in the workshop ‘Drawing in practice’, organized by the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation (BE). Anouk’s paintings are created by a ‘joie de peintre’: pleasure in painting, and curiosity about how ink, self-made paint and drawing techniques interact. She is also inspired by the texture of finely woven bale cotton, powerful pigments, and nature. The artist thus marvels at how transformations, patterns, lines, and unexpected atmospheres occur in plants and in the air, and analyses and translates them into her painting practice. During the painting process, this mental world is confronted with (mostly) large, unprepared canvases. There is a great spontaneity in this making that can still be felt in the final result.